2009 Sept Exploration licence Expl 19/2009 was granted by Ministry of Mines and Mineral Resources to explore for diamonds in the Fiama, Kamara, Gbense and Tankoro Chiefdoms in the Kono district, Eastern Province of Sierra Leone.
2010 Nov Exploration licence was renewed in Nov 2010. Work on the pipe 3 area started in November 2010 when the flooded pit of the pipe was dewatered revealing layers of thick mud and sludge some 5 m down the pit.
2011 Dec Exploration licence was renewed in December 2011. The work continued to clean, build and prepare the pipe for large scale mining. An average of 200 employees has been working on the pipe since the start.
2012 Jan Land Lease & Memorandum of Understanding was signed with Gbense Chiefdom
2012 May EIA (Environment Impact Assessment) Licence was granted by the Environment Protection Agency, Government of Sierra Leone
Ongoing Thunderball Ltd is in the process of applying for Mining Licence and start large scale mining

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