Thunderball Ltd is a diamonds exploration company in Koidu, Sierra Leone. It holds an exploration licence for a 67 km2 concession in the Gbense, Fiama, Kamara and Tankoro chiefdoms in the Kono district. The concession is host to one kimberlite pipe no 3, two zones of 14 km kimberlite dykes and an inferred dyke enlargement.

Pipe no 3 is situated in the head waters of Singei stream, a left bank tributary of the Moinde river. Work on the pipe area started in November 2010 and since then an average of 200 persons have been working to clean, build and prepare the site for large scale mining and the company is now in the process of applying for mining licence.

The company will after receiving the Mining Licence order a Dense Media Separation plant (DMS) and X-ray Recovery Plant together with other needed mining equipment. The capacity of the first DMS plant will be 30 TPH. The concession area is also rich in alluvial deposits and a continuous exploration programme will be established to take advantage of these very profitable opportunities.

With further geological exploration, there is potential for identification, confirmation and establishment of new economically viable diamondiferous kimberlite dykes/blows and pipes that could lead to considerable expansion of the mining operations. Pipe no 3 is situated next to Pipe no 1 & 2 operated by OCT√ČA Mining / Koidu Ltd.

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